Project Proposal


“We Are Together” which is an interactive documentary about how disabled people get chances and services from the Eurella Community Service Inc to assist their maximum possible quality of life. This documentary will be a touching story which will show that the Eurella Community Service Inc provides their professional skills to the disabled and improve their abilities to adapt to society, so that more people with disabilities to achieve self-worth. When the disabled enters society, the burden on their families and society can be reduced and they can live as an ordinary people. In addition, I would like to film the disabled strong and inspirational side. Some people sometimes complain about their stress from a job or life, they would feel that they live a happier life than social vulnerable groups after watching this documentary. Through videos and pictures, the user will see how their life is and provoke people to reflect on their own life. The purpose of this documentary is to attract the public attention to people with the disability, arouse empathy with them and inspire the ordinary people to live a more positive lifestyle.


Interpretation for persons with disabilities includ those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others (UNITED NATIONS, n.d.).

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, there is more than 400 million people with disabilities in Australia in 2015. I would like to make the content and structure of the online documentary project more rich and convincing, so I did a series of research and found that many problems exist in the development of disability, such as the lack of public services and barrier free facilities, as well as the lack of jobs for people with disabilities. I will do further research on different age groups, gender and different kinds of disability. Furthermore, how does the Eurella Community Service Inc help the people with disability.


The targeted audience of this documentary is people who might have an interest in the life of the disabled. A lot of the disabled and their families are from Sydney, because they can ask for help from the Eurella Community Service Inc after watching this online documentary. In addition, institution groups such as humanitarian groups, the government, researchers and social activists can help those disabled people, because these groups can lobby, educate and do charity work in this project.


“We Are Together” will be created as an online documentary website, because this allows itself to become a platform to provide easy access for all users. Ideally, it will be compatible with smartphones, Android and tablet computers, so that it can be accessed whenever and wherever the audience are. However, many objective factors such as time and my limited technical capacity, so it will only be available online.

Social Interactivity

The use of social media is an important channel for promoting and attracting audience, so it can expand the project’s impact. “We Are Together” will be available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms, allowing users to share this online documentary on their own social network sites so that the video can spread and attract potential viewers, thus expanding its influence. Furthermore, I will also create a Facebook page to allow users to participate and interact with other users. In order to maximally engage with the audience, the Facebook page will maintain to be active.  For example, to regularly participate in the discussions, replying comments, actively to create topics to encourage the users to engage with.

User Interface Design

Visual Style

The main idea for the interface design of the project is minimalism. A large number of black or white (color number: #000000 & #FFFFFF) emphasizes the negative space of the main visual elements on the screen. Blue (color number: #2142C2) and white will be the assisted color, including the color of elements and fonts. The element itself must have a vivid color scheme, strong saturation color and neutral colors contrast with the text, and negative space. Indicators of success must use both graphic and numerical values. All colors must be encoded, name and fully separated, to help delineate between various indicators. These visual performance is dynamic and responses to the user’s choice.

Navigation menu will be designed to be as small as possible but will be outstanding. It can save space and make the interface simpler and more beautiful. Until the cursor is moved to the menu response area, sub-columns will not be displayed in the menu.





The Typography design will be simple and clear. In order to maintain a minimalist style, it is convenient for the user to quickly identify the consistency of the elements. The project will include two fonts, and each font represents its own function. Therefore, the font of the titles will be chosen “Comic Sans MS” and the text font will be chosen “Times New Roman”. In addition, the font size to avoid embarrassing and confusing vision is strictly set to a predetermined value. For instance, the font size of the title will be set to 62 and the text size of 12.


User experience




The documentary will commence through a landing page which will provide an introduction of “We Are Together” project. In addition, I will add a full screen slide show on the landing page where the user can clearly see what happened in the Eurella Community Service Inc. At last, I will add some background music.

After this, when the user reaches the home page, there will be displayed all alternative project strands that will also lead back to the home page. It will contain three images which the user can click on to explore content of interviews. There is a navigation bar on the top of the page which includes the links to the about page, participate page, contribute page, credits page and social media page. Navigation design consists of the icons and the text. The isolation of each icon in its own box keeps everything from meshing together.


The three sections will lead to three separate pages, and each of the interviews has different stories. These three sections will be added with a tile and each paired with a short description of the interview. It is convenient for the users to click which part that they are interested in. In addition, if my recommendations will be implemented, I will make sure that each element can be repeated testing, such as ensuring video quality (size, duration, loading speed), and keeping the layout simple so as to make it easy for users to find content. Another aspect is that the video’s duration will be no more than 5 minutes, otherwise the user will lose patience.

This project will also incorporate the appropriate sound design. It includes sound effects and background music. Considering most of the Internet users are young people, appropriate sound effects may make the user more enjoyable to explore the website, so as to make the project more attractive. For example, each mouse click will work with sound effects.

As for background music, I will apply smooth and gentle music types in order to avoid disturbing the users. Additionally, taking the non-stop music into account may lead to hearing fatigue and the volume of music can be adjusted by the users.


The project structure will present the contents of multiple media forms. It generally will consist of the following sections, including visual and audio media, text, and interactive elements. They will be more specially rendered as interviews, information and interaction.


The interview videos can be regarded as the essence of my project, so it requires adequate preparation and editing capabilities. It consists of preliminary research, determining interview, organize interviews and video editing capabilities.

According to my research, I found disabled people with different ages and types of disabilities will encounter various challenges. For example, the greatest difficulty that is faced to the deaf-mute people is to speak and see, causing great inconvenience to their life. Therefore, the interviewees of the project will come from different types of people with disabilities, and according to the story of each interviewee, the interview questions may be different.

Possible questions (draft):

Could you please introduce yourself briefly?

Why did you choose the Eurella Community Service Inc to get help?

What services does the Eurella Community Service Inc provide to help you?

Are you happy in the Eurella Community Service Inca nd tell me why?

After the Eurella Community Service Inc helps you, what changes happened in your life?


In terms of feasibility, online documentary needs a series of hardware support and related skills to operate the makers of hardware and software. For example, it requires not only team members who know how to operate the camera, but also those who need to have the relevant software skills. The production stage will require a camera as well audio recording devices. In the post production stage Audition or Audacity will be the major sound design software. Adobe Photoshop will be applicable in color-grading photos. HTML 5 will assemble the online documentary with Tumult Hype 3 as an authoring tool.

• DSLR Video or equivalent
• Tripod
• Audio Recorder with Microphone

• Audition or Audacity
•Adobe Photoshop
• Hype 3.0


Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016, 4430.0 – Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings, 2015, viewed 2 May 2017, <>

UNITED NATIONS, n.d., “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Optional Protocol”, p.4, viewed 2 May 2017, <>